The Goal of Emergency Care
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The Goal of Emergency Care

When you become injured or suddenly ill, you rely on emergency medical technicians to stabilize you and transport you to the nearest hospital. There, the emergency room staff will evaluate your injuries and decide on a care protocol. You may have several tests, and you may see several doctors and nurses to figure out exactly what is the matter and how it should be treated. Although you may not exactly enjoy this process because, after all, you are ill, you can at least appreciate the hard work these emergency care workers put in to save lives. This website serves to honor them by discussing their work in greater depth.


The Goal of Emergency Care

Why You Should Have A Broken Bone Treated At A Walk-In Clinic

Tina Wade

Unless a broken bone is accompanied by many other injuries, the patient is unconscious, or another serious injury is detected, there is no reason why you cannot have a broken bone or sprain treated at a local walk-in clinic. Learn how to identify a broken bone, what a walk-in clinic is, and why you can have your injury treated in this type of establishment.

Keep in mind that not all broken bone injuries are the same. If you have doubts about the injuries you or someone you're concerned about have, visit the nearest emergency room or call your personal doctor.

Broken bone symptoms

What indicates a broken bone? A broken bone can be anything from a minor bone fracture that cannot be seen to a full break where the bone protrudes outside of the skin. If a bone break is severe enough, the patient may even have to have surgery to repair the injury. In general, signs of a broken bone include swelling in the affected area, pain, bruising, inability to move limbs near the injury, a burning sensation, or fluid retention in the area. A bump or ridge may be detected around a broken bone as well.

What a walk-in clinic is

A walk-in clinic is a medical facility where patients don't have to have a prior appointment to get service. A walk-in clinic often has the ability to perform lab tests, give vaccinations, perform X-rays, treat broken bones, and perform some medical procedures. Walk-in clinics are a mix between a traditional doctor's office and an emergency room and are designed to allow patients to receive quality care without having to go immediately to the ER or wait to make an appointment with their general doctor.

Why treat a broken bone at a walk-in clinic

Most walk-in clinics are equipped with medical doctors who are able to treat your broken bone. From X-rays to determine the location and type of break to repairing the broken bone and providing follow-up care, a walk-in clinic can meet your medical needs. You can even get a prescription for antibiotics or painkillers at your local walk-in clinic to make the injury easier to heal from.

You avoid taking up time in an emergency room when you visit a walk-in clinic for care. If you need further care after going to a walk-in clinic, you will be referred to a medical professional or the ER, depending on the severity of your injury at presentation.